Fleck Water Softener: Things You Should Know About Fleck Water Softener

Hard water is the most common problem that we face in our daily life. Hard water can be a pretty dangerous thing for both our health and various appliances. If we don’t take suitable measure in time and let scale build up in the plumbing system, the amount of money  going to spend on cleaning and unclogging those pipes exceeds the price of a quality water softener. Hard water problem arises when calcium, magnesium, lime or other hardness minerals are dissolved in the water that reaches our homes. Hard water blocks pipes and we will find it difficult to dissolve soaps in hard water. This can cause soap to be less effective, such as dishwashers, laundry and showers.

It is better to know that the hard water can have adverse effects on our health and what good it does to the human body. Also, sinks riddled with stains, itchy skin, dry skin- are the signs that shows there is some problem with the water and we need a water softener to make the hard water soft. There are different types of minerals and ions present in the water. Among numerous minerals, magnesium as well as calcium are of specific value as it affects the functioning ability of the water consumed in houses. These minerals tend to make the quality of water hard. In order to transform hard water for consumption functions, it is important that magnesium as well as calcium, minerals must be eliminated and also for this reason, water softeners are the most ideal choice.  A water softener is a mechanical home appliance which will certainly be getting in touch with the supply of water system at our residence,

This is why it is necessary to have softer water. And this can be achieved by treating the water and this process of treating hard water is called softening. Quality Water Treatment Systems offer the best guidance that will assist in selecting the appropriate water softener. On the basis of knowledge, industry standard and performance Fleck Water Softener has been the top recommendation from experts from long time. In this water softener, water is softened by using a process to get rid of the chemicals that are responsible in making it hard.

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This fleck water softeners are designed to remove calcium and magnesium from the water supply where it enters the house, by a process of reverse osmosis, sometimes referred to as ion exchange. The hard water enters a series of resin filters in the water softener system containing tiny polymeric beads which are specially formulated to enable them to be charged with sodium ions. As the hard water filters through the water softener the ions of calcium and magnesium are exchanged for sodium ions. Sodium, better known of course as salt, is highly soluble, unlike calcium, and is able to remain in solution whilst in your home water system and not be deposited in the form of lime scale and scum as is the case with untreated hard water. Once the resin filters have exchanged all their sodium charged ions for calcium and magnesium ions. It is a simple matter to recharge the water filter by flushing it through with a salt water solution. We To explore more about features, uses and working of the fleck water softener, it is good to watch this video. Due to its specification, advantages and ease of choosing from various options available, all this make this product highly recommended.

This water softeners come in a variety of sizes so it is a simple process to obtain one which is the correct capacity for our needs. This fleck water softener comes in varying capacities ranging from 24,000 grains to 64,000 grains, which provide an option for a small family to a large family in choosing a water softener according to their requirement and use. A grain refers to the amount of calcium carbonate that is dissolved in water, the higher the figure, the greater the concentration of dissolved calcium carbonate. It is this calcium carbonate that slowly comes out of solution that builds up in pipes, and can eventually clog them. Calcium also reduces the cleaning ability of detergents.

Advantages of Fleck Water Softener:

  • It comes with Valve Rating, which offers us with the constant flow of pure water without any kind of Pressure Loss.
  • The LCD Programmed monitor or LCD display, which makes it easier to set up and use this Water Softener. It is easy to handle the machine as we have got, touch-pad operations too.
  • The Meter Operated Regeneration System provides you with the appropriate amount of water under all circumstances.
  • Installation of this water softener system is too easy.
  • Option to choose from different capacities.
  • The regeneration system also uses less brine as well as salts, which saves you on your running costs.
  • It prevents the unnecessary flow of water and saves the water and saving water is next to saving the environment.
  • This water softener has two types of warranties with it. First, one is for five years for the head section and ten years for the tank.
  • There is also a Safety Float with The FleckWater Softener, to prevent the overflow of water.


To know more about this water softener system, check out  this reference link. Many people prefer to soften the water before they consume and we all know the importance of Pure Water. No one can live without water and impure water containing salts is not good for our health.The Fleck Water Softener will provide us with the pure and continuous flow of water. This highly capable appliance can remove the much harder impurities from the water. Even if the water in the surroundings contains high Hardness Impurities, there is no need to worry as far as we are using  the Fleck Water Softener, as it can easily remove such impurities from our water.

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